Here are some pictures of the night. It was a great crowd and wonderful samples of incredibly tasty, locally sourced food and drink. Personal favorite was the organic iced cream…Yowzers that’s good stuff. I had a chance to the chat with the green public and explain how I do what I do. Big thanks to Mihee and Tommy for the invite and exposure.

    Photo above: Dan Chan


    Here are two images of my work from the show.

    The bar is a modular concept, CNC cut from Canadian pine plywood, finished with a water-based white wash stain and clear coat. All components interconnect with each other and can create multiple configurations that are stitched together with Manila rope.

    The DJ Booth is a dual functioning piece that converts from a turntabalists work surface to a chillounger. All parts are…you guessed it, CNC cut and fit together like a puzzle. Once glued and clamped together, the OSB truss-like inner construction forms a structural, graphically intense assembly. A turn table rests atop each platform with a milk crate in the middle to house records and support the mixer.

    Inspirations for both objects reflect experiments in CNC machining processes combined with traditional wood joinery and design for disassembly methodologies. Domestic building materials are fused with techno, architectural and industrial design elements.

    Thanks to the Curatorial Collective for their enthusiasm and support. More pictures to come…


    Thanks to Adria Vasil columnist for Now Magazine for the cool plug! Check out the article.

  • CUTMR 2009

    It’s that time of year of again; Canadian design show madness, and this year I’m building two new pieces for Come Up To My Room. Come say hi at the opening reception between 7 and 10 on February 7. www.comeuptomyroom.com

  • ICON – November 2008

    Happy New Year all!!

    I finally got a .pdf from UK based ICON magazine who featured the Cubert Loveseat in the November 2008 product showcase. This came after FRAMEMAG online featured the Cubert Chair as design of the week.

  • Feature article in Designlines Magazine

    Here’s an update about an article I was featured in last month. I thought it was well written and explained some basic concepts of how I build product.

    Thanks Amrita for the great write up.
  • 608@FRAME

    Check out http://www.framemag.com/. 608 uploaded some product images of which the Cubert lounge chair was selected as “Design of the Week”. Click the DESIGN AREA tab to see 608 and tons of other unique design sources from across the globe.

  • Toronto Star covers Radiant Dark

    It took a couple of months but I finally got my hands on a .pdf copy of the article written about Radiant Dark early this year. I was thrilled to be featured and to have a picture of the Cubert lounge chair in the mix. Check it out

  • HGTV spot

    An associate producer from HGTV recently emailed me about appearing in a new design show. It follows the host Ambrose Price (past contestant of Design Superstars) around Toronto, learning a variety of design disciplines from key professionals. They asked me to be part of the furniture design episode scheduled to release December 2008.

    In the spot, I show Ambrose around my studio, talk to him about what I do and how I do it. I won’t divulge the entire segment…I know, the suspense is kiiilling you. All I can say, is the four hours of shooting will probably translate into two minutes of glorious media exposure, WOO! They were great people to work with and I’m looking forward to see how well they edited out all my blunders.

    I’ll post again in November once I have a confirmed time slot.


    ps- my studio’s not that small

  • Useful plastic info

    Ever wondered which plastics are good and which are bad? I’ve posted a link to a simple and effective .pdf that explains it all. Put it on your fridge for quick reference.