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  • IDS2015 @Studio North

    Thank you to all attendees that stopped by our booth. There was a lot going on in our little space between beautiful images of projects by BLDG Workshop, our current upholstery offerings and collab labour of love, the Bunkie Co. Without a doubt, 2015 is going to be an exciting year for Canadian companies with innovative ideas.

  • Coude Mesh Lounge @ IDS Prototype

    Aaron Duke and I have been long time collaborators on furniture projects for office furniture companies. We’ve always wanted to work on an experimental concept between contract and residential  realms. The Coude (pronounced “cood”) is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design sensibilities. It has a poised and graceful stance with a bit of quirkiness to it’s proportions. We meant it to be light in scale, weight and material use.

    It is currently only a prototype but some discussion has come about a limited production run.

    See the unveiling at the Interior Design Show this week in the prototype exhibit.

  • Bunkies at Bonnaroo!

    If you haven’t seen much action on my blog in the past year, it’s because I’ve been working like mad to get our start up digital fabrication project called BunkieCo. off the ground. We finished installing 5 Monarch Bunkies for Redbull music academy at the world renowned Bonnaroo music festival. I have to say, this was the most difficult project I have ever taken on. I developed the furniture style construction set to fit together easily and quickly with a crew of 4 people in 2 days (each). In the end, it was very successful and we’re excited to hear feedback from performers who will be recording fresh tracks in your micro studios. See progress video here.

  • Getting excited about IIDEX Woodshop

    I have some solid Ash table ideas that I’ll be displaying at IIDEX Woodshop this September. Will share some images in the coming weeks.

  • Do Design

    Yes, it’s that time of year again. Tons of TO talent bursting out of store fronts up and down Dundas St. West. I’ll have my new Nester LED lamp on display at Bookhou. See map for details.




    NESTER lamp 01 NESTER lamp 02

  • Sedan lounge at Neocon

    I’ve been collaborating on the design and manufacture of a new lounge series for Nienkamper over the past three months. The image taken was from the Nienkamper booth at Neocon Chicago earlier this week. The wing back version shown is very comfortable and encloses the user blocking a surprising amount of ambient noise.

    Product information available through Nienkamper here.

  • A look at Maker culture

    Here is an interesting article on Marker culture and the possibilities of manufacturing in North America into the future.

  • Visit to Sheridan College Furniture Design program

    Big thanks to Scott Eckert who teaches a course within the Sheridan Furniture program. I had the pleasure of visiting the school and talking to a 2nd year class about 608 Design.

  • Toronto Star covers Radiant Dark

    It took a couple of months but I finally got my hands on a .pdf copy of the article written about Radiant Dark early this year. I was thrilled to be featured and to have a picture of the Cubert lounge chair in the mix. Check it out

  • Useful plastic info

    Ever wondered which plastics are good and which are bad? I’ve posted a link to a simple and effective .pdf that explains it all. Put it on your fridge for quick reference.