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  • New Stand-up Arcade machine in the works

    I’ve been meaning to post this project for a while. This is the version 2.0 of my original arcade project . What I’ve done this time is reduce the material consumption while maintaining the retro authenticity in shape/profile. Traditional stand-up arcade units are big, bulky and super heavy. They are expensive to ship and typically not formatted to suit a small space.

    This LCD powered arcade runs emulator software that allows the user to play all kinds of games. It’s made from low VOC panels, only 2 sheets of 4’x8′ instead of 3 sheets of 5’x9′. The parts are also easily snapped together with an innovative new snap fastener. Hoping to build the first prototype unit later this fall.

    Oh, and I was lucky to collaborate on the graphic theme with Montreal graphic artist, Sebastian Cuypers

  • Modern Prefab Bunkie collab

    It’s an exciting time. I’ve been collaborating with architectural design firm BLDG Workshop on prefab bunkie concept. It leverages both architecture and furniture design by making a bold statement in form and function.

    The small space is under 100sqft so no building permit, can be shipped on flatbed truck and operates in 3 modes: Open, Play and Sleep

    Have a look at our teaser site

    Always happy to answer questions and talk about where this concept is going.

  • Oak veneer and upholstery bed frame

    UPDATED: I couldn’t have the reclaimed oak boards processed on account of metal in the wood. So for this project I have moved to veneered oak plywood. I’ve also softened up the head and foot boards to capture the essence of a traditional sleigh bed profile.

    The concept renderings illustrate using both pieces of oak veneered plywood as side rails, machining them to size and attaching to upholstered head and foot boards. I also have some old furniture legs as illustrated in the rendering to be painted dark grey to match the grey corduroy fabric chosen. I may or may not use them, feeling some nice solid oak legs would better suit the over design. Will post another update once the upholstery is complete.

    This piece will likely see production early winter.

  • Sedan lounge at Neocon

    I’ve been collaborating on the design and manufacture of a new lounge series for Nienkamper over the past three months. The image taken was from the Nienkamper booth at Neocon Chicago earlier this week. The wing back version shown is very comfortable and encloses the user blocking a surprising amount of ambient noise.

    Product information available through Nienkamper here.

  • LED strip light prototype

    Here is an LED and wood off cut table lamp prototype. There are literally thousands of 20″ x 18″ Birch plywood off cuts at a local furniture frame manufacturer. I’m working on some ideas that may divert them from landfill.
    The process starts with loading the wood panel onto my CNC machine which routs out the part profiles and drills dowel holes. The wires run inside grooves between parts that are press fit together with dowels. The LED strip light is cut from a spool then pressed into place with self adhesive backing.
  • Toffel chair

    There is so much work that goes into creating new proeducts that I find very little time to put them on display let alone blog about them. But once a year MADE plays host to an innovative collective of independent Canadian designers and provides just such a venue.

    This year, in keeping with the theme of “The Devil is the Details”, I’ve built a new stripped down, no frills chair called Toffel (Norwegian for Slipper). For me, this chair is the next step towards not only sustainable manufacturing but beauty in form and proportion. I am inspired by Scandinavian furniture design its purity. The ability to combine craftsmanship, cultural references and simple forms has of late, become a large force behind my design direction.
    There are many angles on the Toffel chair, in fact, no 90 degree corners anywhere. Recently, designing furniture for me was more about the processes of refining a formula, a formula I now believe is understood. My experiments have proven valuable and now I use these methods to create products with presence that seek to connect with the user on an emotional level.
    Come see the chair at 859 Dundas Street West, noon – 6pm daily, from the 26th to the 29th. Hope to see you there Saturday night for the public reception.

  • New Custom Cubert project

    Here is a look at a custom version of the Cubert Love seat. The client wanted an armless version, not quite as deep and with a lighter presence.

  • Custom Annex Rocking chairs piece in Azure

    I built these custom Annex rocking chairs for MADE last year as part of a larger project. Here is a linkto the article of the boat house that was furnished with many great local designers.

  • Annex club chair – modified

    Here is an image of a modified Annex club chair to look like a rocking chair.

  • Products shots in da shop

    The Cubert chair and Juxt coffee table paired in the loading bay of my workshop. Thanks Kathryn!