HGTV spot

An associate producer from HGTV recently emailed me about appearing in a new design show. It follows the host Ambrose Price (past contestant of Design Superstars) around Toronto, learning a variety of design disciplines from key professionals. They asked me to be part of the furniture design episode scheduled to release December 2008.

In the spot, I show Ambrose around my studio, talk to him about what I do and how I do it. I won’t divulge the entire segment…I know, the suspense is kiiilling you. All I can say, is the four hours of shooting will probably translate into two minutes of glorious media exposure, WOO! They were great people to work with and I’m looking forward to see how well they edited out all my blunders.

I’ll post again in November once I have a confirmed time slot.


ps- my studio’s not that small

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