• SMS System

    SMS System


    Flexibility in small spaces, expandable in large spaces. The SMS is a component based seating system designed to accommodate the needs of today’s ever changing living spaces.

    For example, to build a club chair, simply add a pair of universal arms to an armless chair. Later, a larger size may be desirable. Add two more armless chair bodies to that club chair and you have a sofa.

  • Tru


    Ever wonder what to do with all the space under your butt? Curl up into the Tru chair. A new take on the classic tuxedo style lounge with integrated storage under the seat for all your gear.

    Arms also available with storage boxes or fully upholstered, whatever works. Club chair, love seat and sofa coming soon.

  • Amelio sleeper for Krug

    Amelio Sleeper Sofa or Krug

    This is a 3-seater, single sleeper I designed and engineered while working for Krug on their healthcare line. A rectilinear, modular component base sofa that could house personal belongings and be ordered at custom lengths to fit almost any installation requirement. The back cushion flipped and folded down to reveal the sleeping surface which could be easily cleaned. There were options for casters, a plinth base, wood/steel legs, fixed seat or storage seat and wood or urethane capped arms. For the under seat storage version, a melamine finished inside frame had drain holes for liquid or debris that could be properly cleaned between uses.

  • Coude


  • Annex


    The word Annex means to append or attach, especially to a larger or more significant thing. The wing chair configuration can be purchase as such or by adding a module to the Annex club chair. Ideal for reading, relaxing or readlaxing.; the wings act like ambient noise shields.

  • Verity for Stance


    The Verity Collection is lounge furniture for high-traffic, public spaces. Rounded corners, comfortable arm rests and an ample seating area contribute to the pleasing lines and sustaining comfort of this line.

  • Cubert

    Cubert Love Seat


    The Cubert love seat was my first experiment with storage integrated seating. Carving storage from form, a rectilinear approach and surprisingly comfortable. The shape was inspired by a retro arcade game called Q-bert.

  • Hummingbird for Amico

    I worked in house with the Amico accessories team to develop an all new Work Station on Wheel or “WOW”. These devices are used in healthcare environments to help process patients by accessing user information through a central database. This was a ground up design, development and prototyping exercise with an emphasis on infection control.

    Every detail employs custom surfacing and is sculpted to promote liquid dissipation away from the user. Gaps are contoured to allow easy clean-ability and reduce potential for debris/pathogen build up.

    It will also be an industry first with inductive charging. This will ensure the cart’s battery is always topped up, reducing down time and increasing work flow productivity.

    More to be seen at the Amico website

  • Acote Coffee Table

    Acote Table


    Acote comes from the french word “next to” or “beside”.  The name used to make sense when the top was made entirely from plywood on edge but you know. Great to place to display magazines or actions figures. What ever works. Powder coat painted legs elevate the wood structure that is topped with a 6mm tempered glass lid.

    compact table | 27w X 27d X 14h
    coffee table | 33w X 33d X 12h

  • Arcade Cabinet

    Arcade Cabinet


    As a kid growing up, I was a big fan of video games. I came across a slew of DIY forums that explained how enthusiasts were building their own arcade cabinets and playing thousands of classic games on them.

    I got to work on a design that would have a smaller footprint but still evoke the classic stand up 80’s vibe. The electronics, consisting of Raspberry Pi 3, a control board, buttons and a ton of wiring are all contained within the main control deck to keep it tidy. A back lit marquee, sound and faux working coin door all add to the authenticity and experience.

    The cabinet ships flat and is assembled with no major tools required. Future plans are small production runs and crowd funding to bring the product to a niche market of retro super fans.