The Story of Stuff

Recently, I was forwarded an interesting link, The Story of Stuff. This short video describes the archaic process in which the vast majority of our consumer products are made. It is very insightful and easy to follow. I encourage anyone reading this blog to take 20 minutes to watch it…..go ahead I’ll wait………….

So any of you who did watch the movie may ask; how is 608 any different than the model described in this clip. Well, it can be broken down into the following categories.

Extraction – 608 uses plywood from managed forests, recycle and natural content materials. The materials used are from primarily domestic sources and controlled within a small system.

Production – Computer engineering software enables us to achieve maximum efficiency with the materials we use. Controlling waste and reducing the amount of chemicals additives in products is key. By limiting the range of materials in a product, we make it easier to dismantle, which makes it easier to recycle.

Distribution – Dealing with local suppliers and vendors help fuel the local economy and cut down on energy consumption. For example; with local deliveries, products are blanked wrapped to eliminate packaging.

Consumption – 608 focuses on simple and effective design. our multi-functional products are elegant and built to last. By combining functionality, modularity and durability into these goods, it is our aim to offer lasting furniture, not the latest disposable trend.

Disposal – In the case of damaged components, parts can be ordered and easily replaced. As the business grows, future plans include reclaiming unwanted goods and refurbishing them to new.

We think of our products as part of a system. The term “Cradle to Cradle” describes a process in which products are built responsibly, made and sold locally, with the intention to be re-purposed in a continuous cycle.


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