• Coude Mesh Lounge @ IDS Prototype

    Aaron Duke and I have been long time collaborators on furniture projects for office furniture companies. We’ve always wanted to work on an experimental concept between contract and residential  realms. The Coude (pronounced “cood”) is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design sensibilities. It has a poised and graceful stance with a bit of quirkiness to it’s proportions. We meant it to be light in scale, weight and material use.

    It is currently only a prototype but some discussion has come about a limited production run.

    See the unveiling at the Interior Design Show this week in the prototype exhibit.

  • Oak veneer and upholstery bed frame

    UPDATED: I couldn’t have the reclaimed oak boards processed on account of metal in the wood. So for this project I have moved to veneered oak plywood. I’ve also softened up the head and foot boards to capture the essence of a traditional sleigh bed profile.

    The concept renderings illustrate using both pieces of oak veneered plywood as side rails, machining them to size and attaching to upholstered head and foot boards. I also have some old furniture legs as illustrated in the rendering to be painted dark grey to match the grey corduroy fabric chosen. I may or may not use them, feeling some nice solid oak legs would better suit the over design. Will post another update once the upholstery is complete.

    This piece will likely see production early winter.

  • LED strip light prototype

    Here is an LED and wood off cut table lamp prototype. There are literally thousands of 20″ x 18″ Birch plywood off cuts at a local furniture frame manufacturer. I’m working on some ideas that may divert them from landfill.
    The process starts with loading the wood panel onto my CNC machine which routs out the part profiles and drills dowel holes. The wires run inside grooves between parts that are press fit together with dowels. The LED strip light is cut from a spool then pressed into place with self adhesive backing.