Bunkie Co

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In 2011 I met Nathan Buhler at the Interior Design Show. We got talking about ideas that merged architecture with furniture design. A few years later we showed our concept at IIDEX to great fanfare.

With no building permits required and a complete set of pre-assembled components. The Bunkie offers an ideal personal sense of place that can be assembled in less then a week.

The Bunkie was originally conceived as an overflow space for cottagers in Canada’s beautiful Muskoka Region. Since then, the Bunkie’s appeal has expanded it’s use into a wide variety of contexts. The Bunkie Collection comes in 4 distinct models that can be combined with a large range of interior options to fit anyone’s lifestyle. All models measure 106 SQ. FT, allowing construction to take place without a building permit in virtually everywhere across North America.

The manufacturing process utilizes CNC routers to cut precision plywood parts that provide ease of assembly and superior structural strength. Unlike traditional “stick frame” buildings, The Bunkie can be assembled within 5 days using traditional tools while using practical step-by-step instructions.

We are building a few select residential Bunkie projects and focusing on the backyard studio and commercial glamping markets.

Bigwin Island Installation

Bonnaroo Installation

Meaford Bunkie

Visit www.thebunkie.com For more information