New Stand-up Arcade machine in the works

I’ve been meaning to post this project for a while. This is the version 2.0 of my original arcade project . What I’ve done this time is reduce the material consumption while maintaining the retro authenticity in shape/profile. Traditional stand-up arcade units are big, bulky and super heavy. They are expensive to ship and typically not formatted to suit a small space.

This LCD powered arcade runs emulator software that allows the user to play all kinds of games. It’s made from low VOC panels, only 2 sheets of 4’x8′ instead of 3 sheets of 5’x9′. The parts are also easily snapped together with an innovative new snap fastener. Hoping to build the first prototype unit later this fall.

Oh, and I was lucky to collaborate on the graphic theme with Montreal graphic artist, Sebastian Cuypers

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