608 is founded on three guiding principles:

6 | FUNCTION  Design for dis-assembly (DFD) is integral to every product we build. DFD means that parts are removable, replaceable and/or can be shipped dis-assembled to save on transportation costs. Built in storage also provides greater functionality to each piece whether under the seat or in the arms.  While the “guts” for each product are highly engineered, the resulting simple construction helps to define the look of each piece.

0 | OPTIMIZE  Computer controlled machines generate repeatedly accurate parts that assemble with ease. 3D software is used in the design and engineering process which provides amazing control. Each design created is optimized for ultimate durability and efficiency in material use, thus doing more with less.

8 | HARMONY  As in nature, balance is a fundamental occurrence. All products are constructed with reduced impact materials and designed to be re-purposed in an on going cycle.


Evan began his career learning about manufacturing processes and understanding how things are made. For over a decade, he has designed and engineered many products for residential, contract and healthcare furniture manufacturers. Not far into this process, he decided there were great opportunities to make his own products differently.

His Studio, 608 Design, began in 2007. The idea was to experiment with ideas that fused craftsmanship and technology. 3D CAD is used to accomplish otherwise difficult calculations for incorporating storage in unused spaces and creating unique methods of attaching structural components to one another. The difference is in the details.

When developing ideas, Evan envisions a product from the inside out. Each design is a refined formula that considers ergonomic proportion, durability and material consumption. Today, his ideas are heavily influenced by Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian design while complimented by traditional-meets-digital wood joinery. It’s familiar yet edgy.

In late 2012, Evan connected with a Toronto based, family owned and operated furniture company. 608 is now bringing new Canadian made products to a larger market with the same sustainably-minded design integrity that people have come to know.


 | Plywood and solid wood are sourced from managed or local forests. Suggested fabrics are post-consumer and post-industrial recycled polyester or natural wool blends.

PRODUCTION | 3D engineering software enables maximum efficiency in design by optimizing material yield and reducing waste.

DISTRIBUTION | Product are sold and delivered locally. Goods that ship are designed for flat packing and are ready to assemble.

CONSUMPTION | By uniting functionality, modularity and durability in all products; potential for continuous repair and restoration is possible. Sustainably-minded furniture, not the latest disposable trend, is created.

REPAIR | Products can be taken apart much easier then traditional furniture. Costs are less for re-upholstery and detachable wood parts are repairable / replaceable individually instead of entire assemblies.